Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaack, with an Etsy shop I've been meaning to feature for awhile...One that I'm sure you'll love too, my victim is...
*insert trumpet*

Dirty Ass Soaps.

I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves...Especially the third one ;).

I literally want to cry TEARS OF JOY when I look at all the fabulous soaps this Etsy shop has to offer.
Sushi soap (Ikura and Tamago to be exact) that you'd be sure to eat, if you stumbled upon it in a drunken haze. Waffle soap with a slice of butter that actually really SMELLS like maple syrup and cinnamon, and a surprisingly realistic old school Nintendo controller bar of soap, perfect for that game-boy (or girl) in your life. So if you find yourself out of your boring, bland commerical bar of soap, get your dirty ass over to Dirty Ass Soaps and get that bum clean!


  1. I love hand made soap!! If you want some that doesn't look like food but it really good try these two shops:

  2. haha that is awesome! the teeth are my favourites. i've been looking for soap on etsy without perfume and colouring - but the ones WITH perfume and colouring are always the coolest....

  3. Strange and awesome stuff!
    Where do you find it all?
    Rock on!