Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buy Handmade! ❤

There are SO many fantastic artisans on Etsy, in fact TOO many. I would like to dedicate this blog to the makers of some of my favorite, beautiful products featured below (in no particular order)...

This is called "The Canis Lupus Earwarmer" and it's made by the fabulous Idolatre. Her shop is loaded with corsets, fabric covered pins, and steampunky goodness. Yum.

Next up, this hot picture features the freakin kick-ass"Skullgirls" t-shirt made by 1AEON.  
This company's Etsy shop is packed full of one-of-a-kind silkscreened tees and totes featuring designs such as lightening bolts, pistols, kittehs, and other random awesomeness.  As an added plus, the photos and models are fantastic and fun to look at!

Mothers Day is coming up, and if I had the money, I would SO buy these for my dear mom.  This amazing pair of fire agate "Firestorm" earrings are my absolute FAVORITE and were made by the uber talented alibiDesign.  His Etsy store has tons of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, and has a good range of prices!

"My, what nice lungs you have... "I'm seriously hoping that since I quit smoking (2 weeks now, WEEEE!) my precious lungs are on their way to looking more like this fantastic "healthy lung" necklace by beatblack.  Who doesn't love body parts?  Her fun shop is jam packed full of all your favorite high quality oddities in jewelry form: brains, lungs, hearts, and chocolate.  Yes, I said chocolate.  Truffle Mmmagnets anyone???

Ahh, what better item to end my "FAVORITES" blog with than something that combines both my favorite animal (cats) AND my favorite movie of all time (Ghost World).  While surfing Etsy, I stumbled across Tinymeat's fabulous vinyl "wallet jr." featuring Enid of Ghost World.  I immediately marked her as one of my faves, I mean, I change wallets as often as I change clothes, so I knew her Etsy shop would come in handy.
PS. If you haven't seen Ghost World, get thee to the nearest Blockbuster.  PRONTO!

So these are some of my favorite items.  Doesn't Etsy have alot of talent?  Gimme a few more days and I'll post even MORE of my favorites!  Can you handle it?  


  1. Wow! Great finds! Thanks for sharing it! Totally cool!

  2. super rad post! i love the lung necklace.

  3. Great picks! Good luck on the quitting smoking.

  4. thanks!
    thanks twisted, it's really hard!!!!

  5. haha, i was reading through thinking wow those first two pics are stunning and then when I scrolled down I saw my lungs! lol fun surprise.
    thanks so much for including me in your post :D